Best Things to Do in Virginia Beach in March

March is the month in which winter is starting to go away. It may still be cold but you start to see the sun again regularly and you know that spring is just around the corner. That means it is vacation time again. A wonderful place to travel during March is Virginia Beach. Here is the Best Things to Do in Virginia Beach in March!

Virginia Beach Spring Craft Market

Every year in March there is the Annual Virginia Beach Spring Craft Market. This event is where local arts and crafts aficionados bring their works to the Virginia Beach Convention Center in order to show their prowess. You can find everything from locally handcrafted art to pieces of furniture. More than 150 different aficionados visit each year for this event.

Visit the State Parks

There are a wide variety of state parks around Virginia Beach and March is a perfect time to visit them. While March is still cold it is also when you can start to find wildlife again. You can see the sun through the trees, and have fun in the great outdoors. Each season in Virginia Beach brings new outdoor experiences. March is great for hiking, biking, and is the start of boating season.

The Youngling Shamrock Marathon

The Youngling Shamrock Marathon takes place each year in Virginia Beach. This marathon is just in time for St. Patrick’s Day and allows everyone to celebrate the traditions of the Irish. While it is a run, you can also walk the 5K. The run has been around since 1973 and is a major part of local tradition. If you are over 21, you can even enjoy an ice cold Irish beer.

Town Center Restaurant Week

In the middle of March every year there is the Virginia Beach Town Center Restaurant Week, a week of good food throughout the town. Special lunch and dinner menus are offered with prices between 10-30 dollars for a meal. These special meals demonstrate some of the best local restaurant’s talent.

Hampton Roads Youth Poetry Slam

Poetry may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if it’s yours you should visit the Hampton Roads Youth Poetry Slam. Every year in March youth get together from around the Hampton Roads area to perform their best poetry. Musicians and other writers also make appearances at this fun demonstration of Virginia Beach artistry.

Taste of Hampton Roads

Another food event in March is the Taste of Hampton Roads. It is usually the first week of March and it is where you can go to help Virginia Beach’s food bank raise money. The event is an after-work party and allows you to taste beers, wines, and specialty drinks. The event is complimented with food from some of the best local restaurants and live music from a variety of different performers. Money goes to help local soup kitchens Backpack Programs, and more. More info about Virginia Beach Hotels visit vabeach

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